FAQs – Oh Hey Momma!


Question: What countries do you ship too? 
Answer: Currently Oh Hey Momma only ships to the United States, with plans to expand shipping to other countries in the near future!

Question: How do I track my order? 
Answer: In order to provide the best shipping solutions to our customers, we ship our products via several different shipping carriers. You will receive an email with your tracking information once your package has shipped. Of course, if you have any questions we're happy to help, just email hello@ohheymomma.com

Question: Where is your company located? 
Answer: Oh Hey Momma! is located in the United States. Our HQ is in St. Petersburg, Fl. And our warehouses are in both Florida and Utah. One of the ways we are able to find such unique items to sell in our store is by sourcing our inventory from all parts of the world. Depending on our manufacturing relationships, our manufacturers sometimes ship the products to our customers.

Question: How long is the delivery time?
Answer: In some cases, we are currently experiencing processing and shipping times delays due to the Worldwide pandemic situation. Currently, approximately 80% of our orders are arriving to our customer’s homes in 5-7 days.

However, logistics during the times of COVID-19 could add an additional 1-2 week delay on top of the 5-7 day average ship time.

While this is a temporary situation, we always want to be transparent with our customers.

**Please Note: We were previously using Fedex to ship our packages, however they are experiencing extreme delays due to the increase of online shopping orders throughout the country (due to COVID-19). You can read more about Fedex's delays here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-fedex-usa-idUSKBN2413GV

We have recently switched from using Fedex to DHL and USPS to speed delivery times up. Unfortunately if you have placed an order on or before July 5th your order was in the hands of Fedex. Most all of these packages have now arrived to our customers. These shipping times were unforeseen by us and we have done everything in our power to get you your items safely and as quickly as possible.